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The Project Remshoot 3.0

    Our project was initially designed to control few digital cameras as Nikon D50, but it can control many other digital cameras (our focus will be on Nikon and Canon DSLR and Coolpix or Powershot compact series) using the PTP standard, everything depends on the specific functions provided by the camera you own.
Once connected to the USB port on the camera, with the function of discovery capabilities, Remote Shooter 3.0 knows which commands and properties are available. For limited features as Focus&Release combined with Time Lapse, a stereo jack 2.5 port is available. Just buy a cable suitable for your remote control port specific for your camera.
Our goal is selling an flexible, upgradable and open Camera Control, for appassionate and professional at lower price possible!

Main features:
  • Remote Shoot;
  • Time Lapse (interval in sec,repeatition);
  • Shutter Speed Settings;
  • Aperture Settings;
  • Iso Settings;
  • Bracketing on/off;
  • Shake&Shoot (using your android phone accelerometer, could be useful for injuried person);
  • Sound&Shoot (adjustable level using your android phone mic, could be useful for injuried person);
  • Read&Shoot (programmable actions by a simple scripting language)
  • Thumbnail on app of the last shoot
  • USB PTP mode connection for full control (depends on camera)
  • Jack port 2.5mm for simple focus and release control
  • I/O port expansion for external sensor/actuator (eg light sensor or flash,may need a board interface)
  • Wireless firmware Upgrade (many other features on plan)
  • Li-Po Battery rechargeable from any phone microusb power supply
The app on Android or Windows PC, is released in OpenSource, radically extending the usability of the device.
With a language of simple and intuitive controls, you can control your camera.
We use Google App Inventor for Android to create the GUI editable by anyone, so it will be easy to implement custom functions so far unthinkable.
If you have no programming skills, you can write a sequence of commands to a text file, click a button on your smartphone and will be read and executed by the application.
PTP Command.txt
//Script to activate Time-Lapse ,
100 shots, one every 30 seconds

TIMERIP=100.       Set number of shot
TIMEINT=30.         Set interval between shot, in seconds
ENTIMER=1.          Enable Time Lapse


 Technicality for geeks! :-)
Processor                             PIC24FJ64GB002 16BIT, USB-OTG 8K Ram,16Mips@32Mhz
Program Memory                  64K Flash
Communication                    Bluetooth serial module class2 certified 30ft/10mt coverage
Power supply                        3,7V 750mAh LiPo onboard battery
Size                                    60 x 60 x 25 mm, 50 grams
Firmware tested so far on:
Nikon D50 (full features, see video)
Nikon Coolpix AW100
Nikon D90
Nikon D7100
Canon Powershot A300
Canon Poweshot S500

Remote Shooter 3.0 assembledRemote Shooter 3.0 finished

What We Need & What You Get

Hello guys, we Need €16,500 to make RemShoot 3.0 project become reality!
With your help, we'll raise the €16,500 that we need to:
Get the boards CE certified – Regrettably, In Italy this is an expensive process for the certification lab to give us the ability to distribute the product.
Produce the first run of boards – In the past we've been prototyping previous versions through very small but expensive batches of boards.
Develop and test compatibility over a wide range of Digital Cameras (as many possible, but at the beginning our primary goal will be on Nikon and Canon DSLR or Coolpix and PowerShot compact series) 
Today we plan to develop mainly on:
Canon EOS 30D,EOS 40D,EOS 60D,EOS 400D,EOS 450D,EOS 500D,EOS 550D, PowerShot SX220 HS
Nikon D50,D60,D70,D90,D300,D700,D5000,D5100,D7000,Coolpix 7900
If you decide to contribute, please specify which digital camera you have.
After the previous versions based on our Pic-Ap-Board, (that hardware was thought for a wide variety of applications, not only for photography),  we're now reached enough knowledge and ready for starting this new project, RemShoot 3.0. But, the only way to make RemShoot 3.0 reasonably priced for everybody, is to do a reasonable volume production run of the boards. So in our budget plan, €16,500 is the minimum amount we need for Certification, assembly and manufacture of the first run of boards, including rechargeable  LI-PO batteries and the self made resin enclosure box.
If you are a fan of Creative Photography and HI-Tech, we toughly recommend the RemShoot 3.0 Limited Edition at €75 each (Italy shipping included; add 15 euro for International shipping).
With this Kit, you'll get a finished product in a resin, original enclosure box, in one of 4 color at your choice (Red, Black, Blue or Yellow), the board fully tested and programmed with the latest firmware available. Each RemShoot 3.0 kit contains  moreover a rechargeable LiPo battery, with it’s dedicated micro USB port for charging, 1 Bluetooth module to wireless interact with the application on Android devices or a PC running Windows S.O, the app RemShoot for Android, (including source code) , the customized Pc Windows tool to easily upgrading via Bluetooth the board.
Last but not least, we plan to make several upgrades and implement other features to enrich RemShoot 3.0 Project, so it’s wireless firmware upgradable from a PC Windows  via Bluetooth. You can free your creativity with RemShoot 3.0


To make RemShoot 3.0 a reality, go to the crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign



You can become one of those people who gave love for creating the best upgradable, flexible and open camera controller . Help us to free your creativity!

Became an actor of this project and let's become RemShoot 3.0 a reality!

Italy shipping included; + 15 for International shipping
For International Shipping  you'll need to add an extra 15. How do you add this money? When you select a contribution level, you'll be prompted to enter the total contribution amount just below. Add the 15 to the cost of the reward there. eg second batch november'13 of RemShoot Limited Edition:  75+15= 90
What if I forgot to add the 15 for international shipping?
After the project is funded and we're ready to ship, we'll contact each contributor to confirm shipping details. If you didn't add shipping when you contributed, you can add it then.
 RemShootSupporter gift sample photo:
RemShoot Supporter

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