Squeezzy Mouse!

Squeezzy, the squeezable mouse coming soon.
The new generation wireless, antistress mouse
Imagine if an antistress ball bounces on the wall or on your hand, and after become a full working, open air mouse.
Stay tuned on

What is Squeezzy Mouse?

It's a wireless mouse inside a stress ball.



Why Squeezzy Mouse?

                                                        No more usual computer mice!

Inside Squeezzy
The Squeezzy Rechargeable Bluetooth laptop open air Mouse is designed to work with Bluetooth enabled PC (for Mac computers in the future too) and no receiver is required.
With advanced Bluetooth technology, this mouse works up to 33 ft away.
The high performance accelerometer sensor has the ability to detect every movement During gaming or other activities.
Never worry about dead batteries again, this mouse charges while in use.
 A perfect option for travelers and for relaxing moments, the Bluetooth Mouse is lightweight.
Eliminates the need for a separate receiver, works seamlessly up to
33ft away with a Bluetooth enabled PC

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